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Meet Renay

Meet Renay


I’m Renay Howey, and I am a confetti throwing, champagne drinking,  cupcake eating, celebration designer. I make the details for my clients’ celebrations. I help people share their story as we design their special event.

People usually seek me out to create their invitations and decorations when they want something more than a party from a box, or the same wedding {birthday party/anniversary/baby shower/etc} that their cousin had last year.

Really though, my ambitions are all about love, passion, joy, and happiness. Most of all, I help my clients to commemorate and celebrate life!

At the end of the day, what I really offer the world are memories that won’t fade – events that won’t be forgotten, because when we share our love and our stories with each other, everyone wins!

Renay Howey
 My core values:My Core Values

I believe we’re all perfectly unique. I believe every single day is a celebration and that every detail matters. I believe people deserve to celebrate the things that matter to them in a way that expresses who they are down to the last tiny detail.

I believe that love is fundamental. It is the reason that we do everything that we do in life.

I believe in passion and being filled with it because if we don’t do everything with our whole heart, then what’s the point?

I believe in adding joy to your celebrations through telling your personal story and expressing your individuality.

I believe in having a positive and optimistic outlook because although not every moment in life is perfect, life itself is perfectly imperfect.

Let’s Work Together

Planning your wedding or event shouldn’t be a terrifying endeavor. It should be just as much fun and create just as much joy as the celebration itself. Life is beautiful, precious, and full of moments that should never be taken for granted. I want nothing more than to see the joy on people’s faces when their special day turns out better than they ever could have imagined.

At Pretty Much, it’s all about blending your visions and passions with my creative talents. Together we will design and create gorgeous stationary and decor for your special day. No detail will be overlooked. I will work within your budget to create the event of your dreams!